Emerging Spring: Group Show

March 10 - 31, 2021
Fresh new work by gallery artists, Roland Petersen, Howard Hersh, Leslie Rowland, Tom Soltesz, Daniel Phill, Foad Satterfield, Jung Han Kim, Peter Roux, Chris Hayman and Carole Rafferty.
The Emerging Spring Group Show celebrates renewal and the signs of life gradually reappearing in both nature and society. Spring rains still fill the air, flowers and trees are blooming, people are getting vaccines and venturing out with cautious optimism. These moods are represented artistically by the bold flowers of Daniel Phill and the bright colors of Howard Hersh. There is still snow in the mountains as depicted in Chris Hayman’s Snow Canyon, yet splashes of color burst forth from a pristine white background. Jung Han Kim’s  Columbus St. depicts cherry blossoms in a bustling downtown San Francisco.