Studio Shop Gallery

about us


Since 1915, Studio Shop Gallery has been dedicated to enriching the greater San Francisco Bay Area with fine contemporary art and custom picture framing services. As the oldest retail business in Burlingame and one of California's oldest art galleries, SSG takes pride in their enduring commitment to the community through art and custom framing.


Studio Shop Gallery has showcased art across a diverse array of subject matters and media, blending traditional and contemporary forms of art. At the heart of the program lies the immersive experience, where art transcends boundaries and inspires fresh perspectives. Throughout the year, a multitude of art exhibitions and events are hosted, fostering connections among collectors, artists, and design professionals.  




Services include:

  • Art & Design Consulting (incl. on-site consultations)
  • Curatorial Practices
  • Collection Management
  • Custom fine art picture framing 
  • Art Delivery & Installation
  • Art Conservation Liaison
  • National & International Shipping Liaison