Artist Foad Satterfield regards his life and work as a continuous contemplative and relational process. When asked to describe his painting, which he regards as impossible to answer, he says, “my work is abstraction with a landscape in front.”
The idea of “landscape” is far reaching for Satterfield. His process maps fields of life affirming possibility. By Incorporating nature themes and motifs in his works, he acknowledges our inseparable relationship with the natural world. In his paintings the exploration is both local and global, a way of cultivating intimacy with this earth we inhabit.
Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana Satterfield developed an awareness and sensitivity toward the magnificence and fierceness of nature—its gentle seasons as well as its extreme expression such as hurricanes and floods.
In his practice Satterfield draws upon these early influences to consider the
profundity and spiritual qualities within the natural world by keenly observing
seasons as they withdraw and expand.
Foad’s experience of Nature’s paradox—seductive serenity in one moment, then violence and destruction in the next—mirrors the current social disruption he believes requires our urgent attention—to respect its awesome power,
unpredictability and demands.
Satterfield has been a member of the Emeryville Artists Co-Operative, 1975 to
Present, and Professor Emeritus, Dominican University of California 1980- 2018.

Gallery Exhibitions


1971    MFA, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA (Painting)

1968    BA, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA



1980 - 2019   Professor of Art, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

1980 - 2013   Curator, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

1973 - 1979   Gallery Assistant, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA




Spaces Before Us - Unrestrained, Malin Gallery, Aspen, CO

Emeryville 36th Annual Celebration of the Arts Juried Exhibition, Emeryville, CA

Present By Past, Solo Exhibition Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA

In Retrospect 2, Solo Exhibition, 575 Sansome, San Francisco, CA


Abstract Land, group show, Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA

Recent Paintings, solo show, Maybaum Gallery, San Francisco, CA,

Featured Artist,  San Francisco Art Market, Maybaum Gallery booth, San Francisco, CA        


Engaged, Group exhibition, Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA

Heartwood, Solo exhibition, Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA


Monte Verdi in Oakland, 2-Person Exhibition (Large scale paintings of themes taken from the Costa Rican rain forest in Monte Verdi, Costa  Rica), City Center, Oakland CA


Heart of the Matter, Solo Exhibition San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

Jive and Java, The Breakfast Group 50th Anniversary, Group Exhibition Richmond Art Center,  Richmond, CA

The Berkeley Breakfast Group was formed in 1964 by several UC Berkeley  professors who met each Friday to discuss art, aesthetics and the politics of art. In 1965 the group expanded into the eclectic gathering of professional artists, curators and writers who continue to meet weekly to discuss and organize exhibits and programs.


Open Space | Sacred Ground, Artworks Downtown, San Rafael, CA


26th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibition and Catalog Emeryville, CA

On Paper, Of Paper, Art Faculty Group Exhibition, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA


Resplendent Land, Group Exhibition, Triton Museum, Santa Clara, CA


24th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibition and Catalog, Emeryville, CA


Large Format Painting Exhibition, Art Works Downtown Art Center, San Rafael, CA

2008   Landscapes, A Language of the Heart, Solo Exhibition Public Utility Commission Building, San Francisco, CA

22nd Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibition and Catalog, Emeryville, CA


Intimate Reflections, Paintings and Works on Paper, Solo Exhibition, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Oakland, CA

Fire In The Heart, Objects of Power and Healing, Solo Exhibition of Paintings, West African Sculpture and Photographs, Alta Bates Community Gallery, Berkeley, CA


Art of Living, Group Exhibition, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

Guru Gita, Art from Sacred Text, Group Exhibition Siddha Meditation Ashram, Oakland, CA


Water Meditation: Sacred Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Siddha Meditation Ashram, Oakland, CA


New Work, Faculty Exhibition, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

18th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibition and Catalog, Emeryville, CA


New Work, Large Scale Paintings and Tribal Objects, Solo Exhibition, Studio 57, Emeryville, CA

Berkeley Breakfast Group, Group Exhibition, Anolde's, Berkeley, CA


San Diego Annual Art and Garden Show, Group Exhibition, San Diego, CA


Recent Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Robert Else Gallery, California State University, Sacramento, CA


Art of Living, Juried Exhibition, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA


13th-17th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibitions and Catalogs, Emeryville, CA

Oakland Museum Coliseum Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Network Associates Coliseum, Oakland, CA


Measured Marks and Meaning, Recent Paintings, Solo Exhibition,

San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

Recent Paintings, and Measured Things, Solo Exhibition, Dominican College, San Rafael, CA


New Paintings, Solo Exhibition, Porter Troupe Gallery, San Diego, CA


Faculty Art Exhibition, Group Exhibition, San Marco Gallery, Dominican University of CA, San Rafael, CA

New Work on Paper, Solo Exhibition, Joan Robuck Gallery, Lafayette, CA


Synopsis, Solo Exhibition, Microsystems Corporation, Mountain View, CA


Five Emeryville Artists, Pacific Grove Art Center, Group Exhibition, Pacific Grove, CA

Patents and Patterns, Group Exhibition and Catalog ("Second Generation"),

Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

4th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Juried Exhibition and Catalog, Emeryville, CA

Harambee, Group Exhibition, Hatley Martin Gallery, San Francisco, CA



2014   Juror, Alameda County Arts Fair, Painting & Drawing, Pleasanton, CA

2013   Juror, Art Exhibition, Ann O'Hanlon Art Center, Mill Valley, CA



2015   Recipient, Joseph R. Fink Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award, DominicaN University of California, San Rafael, CA

2012   Selected Artist, City of Emeryville Art In Public Places Project, Emeryville CA

2003   Special Recognition Award, Hood Ceremony, Dominican University of California, San Rafael, CA

2001   Jan Hart-Schuyers Artist Achievement Award, Richmond Art Center, Richmond, CA

1993   Nomination, Fleishaker Foundation Grant for Painting, San Francisco, CA



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2015   Artist Talk: Monte Verde in Oakland, 555 12th Street City Center, Oakland, CA

2013   Panelist: UC Berkeley Art Alumni Symposium, “Authenticity, Appropriation and


2012   Conference Presentation: Vehicle Of Transformation/Forms of Creativity In

          Contemplative Practices; Dominican University, Forest River, IL

2008   Sabbatical Presentation: An Imagined Life: Study, Painting, Curiosity,

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1990   Multimedia Performance: Peace and Anwar Sadat, within Mutual Native

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          Project, Commissioned by Festival 2000,

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