May 1 - August 31, 2020
As we re-emerge from our homes and back out into the world the Studio Shop Gallery has curated a collection of art which celebrates both our inner and outer worlds. The highlight of this exhibition is Roland Petersen’s Serving Dessert, 2010, which portrays a group of people enjoying a picnic in Petersen’s signature style of setting the individuals apart, almost as figures in a still-life. Yet in a post-coronavirus world these figures take on a new meaning of social distancing, albeit with Petersen’s bright, cheerful colors and well-composed perspective.

Other pieces in the exhibition include figurative works by artists Melinda Cootsona, Seaglass and Zoey Frank, Peter Reading. Both depict characters in moments of repose and reflection, yet the paintings themselves  have a lot of energy contained in the composition, color choices and brush strokes.

Emerging from months of sheltering many are anxious to travel, yet wary of airplanes. Therefore, the Great American Road Trip appears to be a popular form of travel this summer. Artistic inspirations of wanderlust, dusty roads disappearing into the horizon, have been depicted by artists Ellen Gunn and Nicholas Coley in their landscapes Sonoma Path and Path to Rilke’s House, respectively.

Many other artworks in the collection depict areas in Northern California, from the San Mateo coast of Julie Brookman’s Bean Hollow to the central valley of Roland Petersen’s Yolo Farm.

Now that the Studio Shop Gallery is open again you are welcome to visit the gallery and view artwork from this online exhibition in person. However, not all are currently on exhibit so call first if you are interested in a specific artwork.