Goli Mahallati’s warm toned acrylic paintings are like poetry, transcending the canvas and delivering a strong sensory impression. There is beauty and dignity to the individuals alone or in communal groups. Choosing a palette knife instead of a traditional brush, Mahallati lays down bold areas of color and texture to depict humanity that is noble and free.


Born in Iran where opportunities for women were often limited, Mahallati embraced education and art simultaneously: receiving a BFA from the University of Tehran (1977), an MFA from the American International College in Massachusetts (1979) and she was working toward her doctorate at the University of Massachusetts when she moved to Southern California, where she still resides and paints today. Her artwork is in collection worldwide.


To me, art should not seek balance, as this does not reflect the conflict – the dynamics of real life – that create exciting art.

Gallery Exhibitions


1977    BFA, University of Tehran 

1979    MFA,  American International College in Massachusetts 



2022   Body WORKs, Group Figurative Show, Studio Shop Gallery, Burlingame, CA