Born into a family of artists and academics, Laura Malone grew up in the desert heat of Tucson Arizona. The physical and psychological dryness of her environment made her want to create work that is rich and juicy. Like her uncle, the artist Richard Artschwager, she was first introduced to painting by her grandmother, Eugenia, a Ukrainian immigrant who descended from Russian patrons of the arts.  Laura spent her childhood summers in Las Cruces, New Mexico and slept in Eugenia’s studio, where the scent of oil paint and turpentine entered her dreams.

As an adult she has supported herself and her artistic practice by working as a Somatic Therapist where she helps people to get in touch with their bodies; this work greatly informed her artistic explorations. Laura Malone lives in Oakland, California with her husband and two geriatric cats. She exhibits her work throughout the US, and in online international exhibits.


“My work investigates the experience of being human – how it feels to be alive and in a body. I explore the body as both subject and object, to elicit a felt sense of its interiority and to know its pleasure through the act of painting.  The figures are the object of a gaze that is tender, occasionally saucy, never distant.


By disrupting the figure, I show how my experience is shaped by – and shapes – my surroundings and relationships; I and the world are an interpenetrating, fluctuating pool of subjectivity. Feelings and meanings spill out into the environment; in turn, the world enters and remakes me. When figures tangle with each other or the background, it reflects the way perceptions and interpretations – even the sense of self - keep shifting. In this way I experience life – and myself - as more of a flux and flow than a solid thing. Creating a push and pull between narrative and abstraction I invite the viewer to feel the contraction and release that the brushstrokes convey, and to participate in the elation I feel when making”.

Gallery Exhibitions


San Diego State University, MA in Educational Technology
Oberlin College, BA in Creative Writing

Other Organizations:
Organizations she has studied in include:
The Alternative Art School, NYC
The New York Crit Club
Art Digger Lab
California College of Art Extension
UC Berkeley Extension
City College of Berkeley
23rd Street Studio, San Francisco
Mesa College
Otis College of Art and Design



OPEN UP. Mercury 20, May 12-July 29, 2023
Blink. One West Grand Avenue, Chicago. April 3- 24 2023

East Bay Open Studios, Oakland, California, 2003-2012

Crocker Kingsley National Art Competition 2022. Blue Line Arts, December 3 2022 – January 14, 2023
Crisp. The Artist Residency Project Fall 2022 Group Exhibition. School of Visual Arts, New York, Dec 21, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023
Women Artists Making Their Mark. O’Hanlon Center for the Arts Online

Gallery Show, August 15 – November 6, 2022
Kipaipai Fellows Exhibition. Melissa Morgan Fine Art, June 4-July, 2022
Disrupted. Sergio Gomez Curates, March 14-April 30, 2022
Faces and Places. dodomu gallery Los Angeles, Brooklyn, New York, December 2 2021- January 4, 2022

Art in the Time of Corona, Volume 2 2021, Dab Art, Los Angeles, Ventura, Austin, Mexico City
Portrait. Queen City 15 Gallery, Rhinebeck, New York, June-August 2021
Femme. Art Fluent, Online Exhibition, March 2021
Disrupted Realism, Buckham Gallery, Flint Michigan, April 9 - May 15, 2021
Somarts, Group Exhibition, San Francisco, California, 2000

Gallery Spagnolo, Violencia: An Interactive Art Piece on Violence And Beauty in American Media, 1996

Mesa College, Student Exhibition, 1993




Studio Visit Magazine Volumes 51 & 52, Winder, 2023

Here/Now Residency, Ongoing Virtual Residency
School of Visual Arts, New York, Fall Residency, 2022
New York Crit Club, Virtual Residency with Mira Schor, 2022



Buckham Fine Arts Project 2022 

Co-Founder, Art’s Pupils, Discussion group on contemporary artists and art
Kipaipai Fellows, Professional Development for Artists
First Person Artist, Online Artist Community, part of KiPaiPai
New York Crit Club, Selected artists participate in classes, crits and community
Artist Alliance Online Artist Community managed by Gallerist Jen Tough

Shana Nys Dambro, Arts Editor at LA Weekly and Art Critic at Riot Material wrote this about my work:

" In the ferociously gestural paintings of Laura Malone, strong moods and a sense of constant flux express flowing states of consciousness. As she questions the physical boundaries of her subjects in her energetic, intuitive brushwork, their inner experiences radiate into the environment while at the same time they are penetrated by their surroundings. As children symbolize innocence and adults enact entanglements with fungible forms, perceptions and meanings, like life itself, keep changing.”