July 14 - August 5, 2023





SHOWING FROM JULY 14, 2023 – AUGUST 5, 2023

Step into a realm where boundaries fade and artistic expression takes on new dimensions. Studio Shop Gallery is beyond excited to present our upcoming installation "Layered Beauty", an extraordinary art exhibit that dives into a tapestry of creativity as emerging artists weave their narratives alongside our established roster, creating a mesmerizing dialogue of inspiration and innovation.


Indulge your senses in a symphony of colors, textures, and concepts that intertwine seamlessly. This captivating journey uncovers hidden treasures within various works to unveil the intrinsic beauty of human imagination.


Join us July 14th, 2023 @ 5pm for our opening reception and an unforgettable experience at "Layered Beauty – A Summer Exhibition” introducing new artists Nimisha Doongarwal, Laura Malone & Gail Garcia. From our established roster we will be showing selected works from Daniel Ochoa & Hugh Leeman


“The artists featured in this exhibition explore different subject matters, but what strikes me about these works is that they all convey a sense of beauty – a beauty that is not seen on the surface, but beauty that you can see on a deeper level. I love how the artists were able to capture their feelings and emotions and offer a gateway into the different layers of beauty” – Stephanie, Gallery Director


Laura Malone  

“Beauty matters to me. Not the beauty attained through mere pleasure or happiness, but that which is revealed when examining the immanent and embodied tensions of death, sexuality, and grief. Often, I am attempting to reconcile ideas that are in some way alienated from each other: formed and formless, sweet and terrible, confident and shameful. These dichotomies present themselves to me as images and the act of painting is my way of resolving a paradox. By juxtaposing this simultaneity of opposing forces I hope to penetrate a deeper truth.”


Nimisha Doongarwal

“My work explores the varying relationships between past and popular culture by referencing colonial history. The portraits have a new abstract identity, which emphasizes the cultural and traditional overlap, people around the world went through over the centuries. These portraits show the similarities between people irrespective of the varied physical differences. My work is about raising awareness and advocating for equality for all, highlighting the beauty and richness of diversity in our world.”.


Hugh Leeman

“These paintings explore the relationship between social power structures, perceptions of divinity, and the manipulation of nature. They delve into the intersection of mythology, technology, and the history of inequality as we approach an unprecedented era. These paintings visualize the critical juncture at which our species finds itself, with our survival depending not only on our ability to transform power structures and conquer nature but also on overcoming the creative and destructive aspects within ourselves.”


Daniel Ochoa

“I construct imagery that are informed by experience, technology and imagination. Painting in layers, I use masking techniques to jumble formal qualities such as abstraction and realistic representation. I source imagery from mapping platforms, API's and social media networks as a way to trace the effect technology has on the construct of perception. The combination of divergent elements suggests a pluralistic visual experience bridging the historical framework of painting, self and the influence of technology on image making.”


Gail Garcia

“I love the reality and raw beauty of everyday city life. As an artist I create work that captures some of these moments and reflects an urban vibe. My intention is for my viewers and collectors to relate to my art through recognition of and familiarity with the situations, the emotions, and the energy, almost as if they are seeing what they know.”