Every Day is a Miracle: 105th Anniversary Exhibition

September 10 - November 28, 2020
Every Day is a Miracle

We are very proud of the role the Studio Shop has played in the history of Burlingame for the last 105 years and we wanted to have a celebration. But this year is unique. How can we have a celebration during a pandemic? What started with uncertainty about having a celebration, grew into this exhibition, Every Day is a Miracle, showing 10 artists in 10 weeks. We sadly couldn’t have the usual catered celebration with 50, 100, 200 people crowded into the gallery, but we could try something new, which will be a series of small, solo exhibitions that can be enjoyed while social distancing.

Clearly, the pandemic and the onset of sheltering-in-place has altered how we socialize and celebrate. Gone, for now, are crowded cocktail parties and gala dinners which have become a thing of the past and been replaced with small gatherings in backyards where we see just a few friends. These settings are smaller, more intimate and offer a renewed opportunity for one-on-one  conversation. No shouting over the din of a crowd. Time to savor the pleasures of good friends.

Instead of having a big anniversary celebration with a large group exhibition over several weeks we decided to spread it out as a series of solo shows. Each week will feature a different artist and  be open to the public for viewing (per state and local health guidelines at the time). Artist receptions will change to a series of private, by appointment receptions limited to four guests at a time, which will promote social distancing and provide an opportunity to get to know each artist and their work on a more intimate level.

Having a 105 year anniversary makes one pause and reflect on the history of the last 105 years. During economic ups and downs while I was growing up, my mom always pointed out that the Studio Shop survived the Great Depression, therefore we would be fine. Today, I look back to the 1918 Spanish Flu and realize that the Studio Shop survived that, too, even though it was just three years old at the time. I am grateful to my parents for the lessons they taught me about art, hardwork and keeping a positive attitude.

Please join us in celebrating the Studio Shop Gallery’s 105th anniversary with a collection of artists who, through dedication to their craft, epitomize the expression of art and creative spirit.