TRIUMPH! A post-pandemic reset using color and joy: Dominique Caron

March 3 - 25, 2023




Celebrating how art can help both an artist and those who view the work to move through difficult times, Studio Shop Gallery presents “Triumph!” a show of acrylic paintings of Dominique Caron running from March 3rd to the 25th.  Dominique will be present at an artist reception Friday, March 3rd from 5-7 pm, and will be interviewed and take questions starting at 6:15 pm. Caron’s large paintings combine dream-state beauty with gritty yet elegant primitive influences.
“Dominique is expressing her emotions, and her desire to turn the negative aspects in life around, through a totally new color palette.  She wants us all to feel triumph, and to tap into our own victories.”
– Janet Martin, Owner Studio Shop Gallery

About Dominique Caron

Born and raised in France, Caron received her MFA in 1972 from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Bordeaux. She spent many years living and traveling throughout Morocco, Rwanda, and the Ivory Coast, creating a body of work based on masks that she then exhibited in Africa, Europe, and ultimately the United States and Canada after she settled in San Francisco.  She broadened her focus at her Hunter’s Point Shipyard studio, embracing painting in pastels, watercolors, and gouaches on large collage pieces. She splits her time between Sausalito and a summer home and studio in the French Basque country. Her work is in private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Japan and France.


“Last year was singularly difficult, and the gloom seemed to spread in all areas of my life and work. An ashen veil dulled vitality, holding me back even while painting. I decided to push back on that oppressive lid and throw a metaphorical party inside my studio. I invited colors, air, sun, and above all else – joy.  I chose color combinations infused with vibrancy. It’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with all colors displayed on its flying wings, overcoming darkness.”
– Dominique Caron, Artist