Artist Holiday Group Show

December 1 - 31, 2018

Come celebrate the holidays and meet many of our artists all in one place. This is your best chance to meet many of the gallery’s artists at any one time as there will be more artists at this event than at any other time during the year.

Present at this group show will be the four artists from our September Abstract Land show, each with their own unique style, Roland Petersen with his vibrant colors and dynamic perspective, Foad Satterfield and his wooded scenes pulsating with hidden energy, Dominique Caron and her lyrical abstract expressionism and Martine Jardel’s atmospheric dreamscapes.

From our summer sculpture show, Material Evidence, we’ll have five artists, Fred Yokel who is known for his marvelous ceramic figures, Kristine Taylor with lovely cast bronze animals and three artists who sculpt and paint, Daniel Phill, Kalani Engles and Denny Holland.

Katy Kuhn and Sharon Paster are two Marin artists who work in the same studio space and shared some of their co-productions at the Inter/Actual show last year at the Studio Shop Gallery.

A new artist to our gallery is Julie Brookman. She works with hot wax to create uncanny depictions of the patterns of ocean waves along with some compelling abstractions. We look forward to having more of her work in the future.

Other artists in this group show and present at the reception will be Carole Rafferty, Alan Mazzetti, Melinda Cootsona, Holly Van Hart and surprise guests!