Kristen Benson loves the process of painting.  Mixing and laying paint down to find that sweet spot where the piece comes together. “Trusting the creative muse is life in a moment, a moment that transcends one’s own life”.

A fourth generation Californian, Benson is connected to the landscape and quality of light that changes moment to moment, hour to hour, season to season.  The artist has always been involved in the creative process. Whether working with fiber, encaustic or paint, she brings a fresh sense of color and line to each piece.

Benson grew up creating art. As a young adult she began formal art studies, experimenting with a variety of mediums. After earning her BA in art from Humboldt State University, she began developing her talents by creating new work painting and printing most things she was in contact with. Currently working on canvas and paper, trusting the extemporaneous, watching, listening for rhythms in the visual realm.

To train in an art form is demanding and a release, one may find oneself, a compass for the trail.”

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