Coffee Break, Acrylic on Canvas, 71 x 62 inches
Roland Petersen, Coffee Break, Acrylic on canvas, 71 x 62 inches

Huffington Post, May 2016

Roland Petersen ‘In Perspective’ at the Studio Shop, Burlingame

by John Seed

For over six decades now, painter Roland Petersen has been spreading out visual feasts across his expansive canvases. Firmly grounded in perspective yet also brimming with painterly vitality, Petersen’s cityscapes and picnics show what an ambitious artist can do over a long span of time to create variety within a consistent structure. Using a striking range of geometry, color and form, Petersen conjures up an engaging and seemingly endless world that seems to stand still within the boundaries of time and space.

I recently spoke to Roland Petersen a few days before his 90th birthday to learn more about his life, artistic career and recent work. read more

The Jazz Trio, Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches
William Rushton, The Jazz Trio, Oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches

Huffington Post, Sept. 2015

Approaching the Figure: Linda Christensen, Melinda Cootsona and William Rushton at the Studio Shop in Burlingame

by John Seed

Rushton and his fellow-artists Linda Christensen and Melinda Cootsona are rather like the musicians in “The Jazz Trio”: they are part of a community but they are also very much individuals whose works are their personal variations on a shared tradition. Each of these artists is interested in depicting the human figure from a humanistic perspective and all three artists handle paint courageously and energetically: they share a core set of values. Then again, seen as individuals there are some differences in their styles and approaches that are both subtle and striking. read more