Ralph Turturro

Distinction, Mixed media on canvas, 65 x 96 inches


Mixed media on canvas

65 x 95 inches SOLD

Equilibrium, Oil on canvas, 42 x 48 inches


Oil on canvas

42 x 48 inches  SOLD

Ubiquity Eveywhere, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Ubiquity Everywhere

Oil On Canvas

36 x 48 inches SOLD

Ralph Turturro is a New York artist inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, Willem De Kooning and Mark Rothko.  He uses organic elements and other surface builders to create compositions that are clear, straightforward and evoke thought.

Turturro earned his MFA at the Pratt Institute in  Brooklyn and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions on the East Coast primarily in New York, North Carolina, Connecticut and Washington D.C.

The work is about trying to break through the temporal, illusive flash of the physical world that is eternally, cosmically and universally real. The color, textures, texts and inadvertent images that grow out of my process of painting are the tools I use to discover the world beyond.