Marilyn Weeks

Perpetual Motion, Oil on canvas, 39 x 42 inches

Perpetual Motion

Oil on canvas

39 x 42 inches SOLD

Colliding Color

Oil on canvas

40 x 40 inches 

Earth and Sky, oil on canvas, 52 x 49 inches

Earth and Sky

Oil on canvas

52 x 48 inches 

April Plans, Collage on paper, 29 x 23 inches

April Plans

Collage on Paper

29 x 23 inches 

Marilyn Weeks paints with an emphasis on technique while using inspiration and innovative thought. She paints abstract art as a result of a deliberate artistic and philosophical development. The artist uses the technique of faceting an image in order to capture the essence of an object or place rather than the actual appearance. Her work has been described as a bridge between post-impressionism and expressionism.


Marilyn graduated from Gonzaga University in Washington with a BA in art. She has also studied art at many prestigious institutions including University of Florence in Italy, UC Santa Barbara, San Jose State University, California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco City College, and San Francisco Art Institute.


The artist has had numerous shows along the West Coast which include the Alliance of Women Artists, San Francisco; State of the Arts Center for Visual Arts, Oakland and Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Her work can be found in many prominent private and corporate collections nationally.

My work is a visual representation of my interests in movement, geometry,
interconnected and layered fields of color, and the interplay of opposites.
These themes recur in my work in variety of ways. I rely on intuition
as well as studied balancing to arrive at my imagery. I have studied drawing, sculpture,
printmaking, and mixed media but always seem to find my way back to painting in oil.
Art museums are my teachers, and I have been inspired by their artists
including Kandinsky, Schwitters, Diebenkorn, and many contemporary
San Francisco Bay Area artists.