Joshua Gage

Untitled, Mixed media on canvas, 66 x 58 inches


Mixed media on canvas

66 x 58 inches SOLD

Color Theory, Mixed media on canvas, 68 x 56 inches

Color Theory

Oil on canvas

68 x 56 inches  

Joshua Gage produces gritty, urban paintings, which allude to contemporary popular influences, from graffiti scrawl to graphic novels. His emphasis on these surroundings is evident in the use of monochromatic earth tones livened with color.

A persistent interest in the arts led Gage to pursue painting, specifically in the Abstract Expressionist genre. The artist considers color and composition central elements in painting. His extensive travels to foreign countries, such as Japan, Spain and Morocco have introduced new palettes and forms of expression. Currently living in New York, Gage believes the city remains the art hub of the world.

Every painting is a landscape.