Joel Urruty

Swan Lady, Mahogany, 68 x 7 inches

Swan Lady


68 x 7 inches 

Windless, Reclaimed Wood and wax, 38 x 58 inches


Reclaimed wood and wax

38 x 58 inches

Twotone, Wood, dye, pigment, 40 x 20 inches


Wood, dye and pigment

40 x 20 inches 

Harissa, Reclaimed wood and dye, 41 x 36 inches


Reclaimed wood and dye

41 x 36 inches 

Swan Lady, Bronze, 59 x 8 inches

Swan Lady

Bronze Sculpture

59 x 81 inches SOLD

Caribou, Mahogony, 70 x 8 inches


Mahogany Sculpture

70 x 8 inches SOLD

Lydia, Mahogony, 29 x 6 inches


Mahogany Sculpture

29 x 6 inches SOLD

Lady in Bronze, Bronze, 73 x 11 inches

Lady in Bronze

Bronze Sculpture

73 x 11 inches SOLD

Joël Urruty was born in San Francisco, CA in 1968. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial technology from San Francisco State University.  He apprenticed as a furniture maker under David J. Marks, Master Craftsman, and later went on to earn a Masters of Fine Art in Woodworking and Furniture Design from the School of American Crafts at Rochester Institute of Technology.


Today Joël resides in western North Carolina where he creates abstract figurative sculptures in both wood and bronze.  His work has been exhibited internationally in fine art galleries and museums.   He has also been widely published in art magazines and books. Private collections include: Saks Fifth Avenue; Tiffany’s; Setai Hotel, NYC; Ritz Carlton, VA and The Forum Building, GA.


Museum collections include: Museum of Fine Art, Boston, MA; Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC; and Honolulu Museum of Art, Honolulu HI.

As an artist I strive to create elegant sculptures that capture the true essence of the subject matter. Form, line and surface are used as the visual language. The figure is abstracted to a minimalist form, void of any superfluous information.