Jim Keller

Le Grande, Bronze, 23 x 20 inches

Le Grande


23 x 20 inches

Helix, Plexiglass Sculpture, 33 x 10 inches



33 x 10 inches

Volante, Bronze, 28 x 29 inches



28 x 29 inches

Dubonnet, Mesquite, 16 x 14 inches

Dubonnet-Evolution of the Wheel 


16 x 14 inches

Jim Keller’s goal as an artist is to combine sensuous forms with the character and natural beauty of a piece of wood to create an individual, unique sculpture highlighting natural edges and negative space. His lifelong love of wood has led him to explore the natural beauty of the material to create sculptures in wood that can also be cast in bronze. When working in bronze or resin the artist’s mind is focusing on creating a dynamic form and uses color to enhance that form.

Keller attended the Glassell School of Art at the Museum of Fine Art in Houston. He was selected to display at several juried exhibitions in prominent museums and is held in public collections including the Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile Alabama, Fuller Craft Museum in Brocton, Mass. as well as the South Texas Museum of Art and City of Houston Airport.

I am enjoying expanding my view of contemporary sculpture. With wood I am passionate about displaying the natural beauty of the individual log. When working with bronze and resin, my mind is focusing on color and form. I look forward to continuing my journey - until the sun sets.