Gary Traczyk

Melody, Steel, 36 x 12 inches


Kinetic sculpture

36 x 12 inches

Orbit, Steel, 20 x 10 inches


Kinetic sculpture

20 x 10 inches 

Spirit, Steel, 30 x 10 inches


Kinetic sculpture

30 x 10 inches SOLD

Infinity, Steel sculpture, 36 x 12 inches


Kinetic sculpture

36 x 12 inches 

Gary Traczyk manipulates  metal into breathtakingly balanced arabesques of seemingly lightweight form. They are strong-looking yet, paradoxically, also delicate in their curving elegance. Though static, these sculptures convey movement and a balletic gracefulness. Each is not only an artwork, but a feat of engineering as well. Every sculpture is completely unique and created purely out of a spiritual conversation Traczyk has with his chosen material.


Traczyk’s formal training in art includes attendance at Miami’s New World School of the Arts and art classes at an international program in Italy. The artist has participated in art fairs including SOFA Chicago, Art Palm Beach, Art San Diego, Toronto Art Expo and Spectrum Miami. He has also worked with the National Foundation for Advancement of the Arts and the Miami Children’s Museum.

There are no molds, he says of his process. Nothing is drawn out, each sculpture has its own personality. The creative process is labor-intensive, taking from a minimum of eight weeks up to twelve weeks, if you have a vision, collectors want to go on that ride with you.