Albert Delamour

Golden Water, Mixed media, 33 x 42 inches

Golden Water

Mixed media

33 x 42 inches

See in Montauk 1, Mixed media, 26 x 40 inches

Sea in Montauk 1

Mixed media

26 x 40 inches SOLD

See in Montauk 2, Mixed media, 13 x 42 inches

Sea in Montauk 2

Mixed media

16 x 42 inches

See in montauk 3, Mixed media, 11 x 43 inches

Sea in Montauk 3

Mixed media 

11 x 43 inches

photo of forest in green and purple


Mixed media

53 x 42 inches SOLD

Clematites in Silver

Mixed media

66 x 52 inches SOLD

Cherry Blossoms, Polyptych

Mixed media

66 x 52 inches SOLD

Albert Delamour invented a layering process using resin and precious materials like gold or silver leaf to create stunning results that elevate the traditional photograph into a high dimensional space. He combines his innovative techniques with his taste for classic beauty and the style of master painters to create entirely new imagery.  He uses steel as a fluid medium and his sculptures invoke a sense of grace.


The artist moved to New York in 1998 to further pursue his career as a photographer for Fashion and Advertising, but a different path was waiting for him in the city. Invited to present his personal work in a Soho gallery in 2001, Delamour put together the series Designed by Nature – large scale photographs of human sized plants and flowers in stunning color that quickly teleported him into the Art world.


Delamour was trained at the Louis Lumiere School of Cinema and Photography and worked with masters of photography in FRANCE. For years, outside of his professional work, he had been experimenting with photographic manipulation, developing several techniques that transform the image in surprising ways.